Solo Exhibitions:

Ruta del arte Frigiliana, Spain

Art walk Competa, Spain



Come and meet the Austrian photographer at the Art Walk Cómpeta in venue 23.
Carolyn worked many years with her photos displayed on Canvas or Dibond in large formats. Here on the Art Walk you will see three or four of those as well as her recent work. Right now she is working on much smaller pieces: Photographs on Stones. She has developed a technique for merging photographs with stones, which she finds in riverbeds. Carolyn says about this work: “It is a challenge to find the right stone for the suitable motif and to work the stone accordingly, so that the motif can be applied. Sometimes the stone is then placed in a kind of frame or on a pedestal and becomes a sculpture. In my current work, it is important to use only old, discarded, and useless materials and to work through my ideas into a piece of art.”

Ruta del Arte Frigiliana, Spain



Vanue/Galerie NR. 15 at the Art Walk in Frigiliana 2018

Numbers, Vienna



"Numbers" exhibited in Vienna and New York. It consists of 42 small pictures of various numbers that were collected over the years and which were made into a large whole. 

12 Spiegel / 12 mirrors, Austria

Group Exhibitions:

numbers in NYC
numbers in NYC


aigner/feistmantl @ NYC

Carolyn Aigner & Oliver Feistmantl  stellten im April/Mai 2014 in der Galerie "new century artists" in NYC aus.

84 Fotokünstler - 84 Fotografien, 2012 Stilwerk Vienna